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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Healed after 27 years of torment and fustration

Has anybody ever been tormented and frustrated by a sickness, a disease or any affection problem? Have you ever got a sickness which happens to be either very difficult or impossible for the doctors to cure? How did you feel, and how could your feeling be if you carried that handicap for more than 20 years of your life????

After so many years in the silence , of frustration, of life in a shadow the Lord now gives the strength to our dear sister in Christ to freely talk about what happened to her. Many people nowadays are living with such a problem, in a high level of stress and self critics, feeling ashamed for what is happening to them and not knowing what to do at all to get rid of that. Why do we need to worry all the time if we trust in the Lord? Where does our trust lie on? Do we need to be stressed or frustrated while the Lord exists??? Is there anything impossible for the God we believe in?

God Almighty, before anyone reads the words of this testimony given for the Glory of Your Holy Name, for your glory; given as the proof that the Holy Ghost is our witness for He is the one who through His Holy Power witnesses of your Mightiness and of your existence and Holiness...He is also the One witnessing the fact that we received the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior in our lives, through His presence in us; i pray You o Heavenly Father that they be touched by this testimony and put all their trust in You o Our Almighty God and Father in the Heavens.I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ that Your Holy Ghost filled these words with His Power and Holiness. That all who reads this testimony and are in need of Divine Healing may have a strong Faith through this story, and may believe in the Power of Healing which is reveled in this testimony. and that to them may be done according to their faith. Whatever will be their disease, sickness or handicap...I pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus that you who reads this testimony, be restored your health by your Faith in the Healing Power of Jesus Christ Who healed the sick, gave the sight to the blind, untied the tongue of the dumb and brought the dead ones back to life!!!!Amen.

" I am a young lady who actually grew up in what happens to be called a Christian family. My childhood has been marked with ordinary things and phenomenons which are considered normal for children of 0-6 years old. I mean things like pee in the pants or bed-wetting at night, fingers sucking etc. All this happened to me when i was a child and it was normal phenomenon for my parents and relatives. However the bed-wetting at night seemed to have no stop for me. As i was growing up, the problem was getting worse and becoming recurrent instead of reducing and stopping like the one of other children. When i was having that problem while still in primary school, they thought may be it would stop when i go to secondary school, with age. Let me tell you that when the devil wants you down and he finds you with no spiritual foundations with God, he will probably bring you down. My case was even getting worse as everybody home was guessing that age will play a huge role on helping stopping that. I finally got to secondary school and was still bed-wetting, the situation started to put me under very strong pressure, for my parents would scold at me every time it would happen, they would punish me in different ways, thinking i purposely did it, or that i was just so lazy to wake up at night and ease myself properly...Life started to transform into a nightmare, i would wake up with shame and fear, i would sleep with a huge fear....I was suffering from Enuresis.

Dear readers, brothers and sisters i knew it was a sickness only after almost two decades of suffering. One thing that none of us could even understand was the cause of that sickness. Before i knew the name of what was my life torment, i experienced a lot of shame, misunderstanding and humiliation from relatives who knew i had that problem. A proof again that even our relatives sometimes do not always accept us the way we are, but only one does it and that one is God. Some would humiliate me just because they were ignorant and others, just to hurt me. I remember my beloved mum did not understand me either in the beginning of all , she would scold, shout and punish me, but she knew nothing about that. She is the one who made the researches via internet to see what it is, and when she knew it was a kind of sickness, she cried, she apologized to me, and i did forgive her with all my heart. Once she knew that she sent me to see a specialist on the matter at the hospital, what i immediately did. The Specialist gave me a huge pile of pills, cause he claimed this was linked to affection problems and stress. The pills were almost the same a depressive person takes ,i had to take 60 pills every month, and i do not even remember for how long i was supposed to undergo that treatment. One thing i remember is that i took those pills for a while till i saw my personality getting transformed to which of a hysterical, nervous, susceptible person. Let me bring the precision that when undergoing that crazy treatment i was already studying at the University....so i was a big girl. So as i noticed i was changing radically into an aggressive person , for i became aggressive with my best friend who was living in the same room with me. I would go mad for a very little thing, my head with ache me every day just as if someone is hitting a bell behind my ears... I thank God because my friend is a real love, she supported me, she would even change the bed-sheets every time i came to wet it, she would clean them without saying a word, clean the bed and would never say a word to anybody. Then i knew the Real Friendship and the power and value of that word. It reminds me of Jesus and Lazarus....Real Friends who are worth than relatives ....

I finally took the decision to stop those crazy pills before i went really mad, i threw them all away, then i turned back to my grand-ma's recipes, which also did not help me at all. I would even decide to drink less water or almost nothing after 6pm for me not to bed-wet, however all those practices brought me nothing. I tried so hard to understand the cause of all that...and the only thing i knew was that all would happen to me in a dream in which i would feel like easing myself,and i always would see a toilet close to me, i would go there and use them, all will appear so real to me that it is only when i felt the coldness in my bed that i would wake up and realized it was all a dream but i did really pee like in real life...I could not understand why i had almost the same dream every time and why i almost lost my consciousness at that particular moment and feel all like real and not like a dream.

A beloved brother who is a strong believer told me one day it is a demon that has been disturbing me for decades. I was not a real believer that time, my faith was lukewarm but i knew he was right. I just did not know how to handle things.

God gave me the grace to travel to another place and i could not imagine that was the beginning of His plan for me. Far from my family and "alone" to struggle against that monster. The old humiliations made me a strong person and taught me how to handle on things in all discretion even if living with people, i already knew how to perfectly hide my flaw. With some of the boy friends i had, i was honest and did tell them about that and they really supported me. I thank God we can still find real men out there...lol However, being so discrete, and having comprehensive boyfriend was not what i wanted, i wanted that nightmare to stop and i wanted to feel normal and free. I was actually feeling like in jail, in a cell like a rat. I was not free to travel a lot because i had that phobia in me: "What if it happens there???" Therefore you can just guess how my life was. But God is great, and He never sleeps or slumbers, He was working...He was preparing me for the miracle. It is only after i got healed that i understood that the trauma i was going through was but a prerequisite for me to understand the mechanism of Divine Healing.

One day a voice from deep inside my soul spoke to me quietly and asked me to write to a certain church and tell them about my problem so that they could pray for me, I did not hesitate to do it. My letter however fell on the wrong hands, God was still at work to show me How His Grace also follows people who put their trust in Him. So the person who first received my letter forwarded it, and if i remember well, my mail was forwarded individually to approximately three or four different people before it reached the real recipient: a brother from the name of Matti who immediately wrote to me. I can still remember how all those who forwarded my mail to him mentioned on red color on the bottom or the top of my mail URGENT!!!!.

The answer from brother Matti was so blessed that it brought me a leap of Faith even before i was sent the prayer for my healing. The day i received the prayer, it was attached with a very small piece of clothe of the size of a postal stamp. I was asked to put the clothe on the part of the body that was suffering/paining. I was not feeling pain in my flesh, so i was a little bit confused and started getting nervous. God came back to me and spoke again in my heart and told me to put the cloth on my heart and hold it with my hand and make the prayer. Believe me dear brothers and sisters, the prayer was not long or so amazing with sophisticated words. No, the only thing i was asked to do was to trust in the Lord, and to pray Him casting from my heart any doubt ....and this is what i did. I did it and i went to bed. That same night i made the prayer the devil came to my mind and told me nothing would work and that i would bed-wet again as a proof that it is all stories. Believe me, fear entered my heart that night and i did bed-wet again, and during two weeks i was persecuted by that demon more than before i made that prayer. One Saturday night, i sat in my bed and started thinking, why is it not working???? while i did all i was asked to do....Then God guided me through a preaching He made me listening that same day, and the preaching was about demonology and how to cast demons out. The preaching taught how demons behave when being chased out of a body. And the preacher said something that strengthened my faith. He said when we cast out one demon, he comes out and calls for reinforcements so they would be numerous and stronger and so that they would terrify and terrorize you more than ever. But if your faith is strong they will be defeated. Therefore, having faith for you is to call things that are not as if they were already there, moreover when we need Healing or something else from God our Father we should take possession of that thing with all authority, no matter what happens. Meaning we should consider we already have it. This helped me in knowing my position, and understanding that the evil spirit that had been persecuting me for more than 25 years went to call for reinforcements so that i would be confused and think God had abandoned me. I understood i had to make my faith move by accepting the fact that i was healed, though i would still wet my bed those days and have authority before those evil spirits by letting them know that whatever they do, i know and strongly believe i am healed. The same Saturday night, after i understood all that, the Lord spoke in my heart again and told me exactly these words: "Tomorrow, wake up early, and go to church for the testimony that you are healed. Go and declare your healing before everybody in the church. Do not go late, if you do not take your healing with authority and declare it, you might never get rid of that spirit..." and He added "Do not pay attention to what happens after you declare it, be faithful and patient"

The next day which was Sunday i went to church and came exactly at testimony time. I gave my testimony and my Pastor and his wife prayed for me again, they laid their hands on me. I went back home with Faith and happiness because i then strongly believed i was healed. I did bed-wet again few times after that but at rare occasions, then it finally stopped one day. Now sometimes when i have the same dream, i wake up and touch myself and all is just dry!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

That step of my life helped me understanding what is the key of Divine Healing and how it works. I understood that some healing might be obtained spontaneously, and some with time, depending on cases, on people and on their faith which is the main factor of that Great Mechanism. You who are reading my story today might have a problem similar to mine or different, i want you to know that when Jesus was on earth He did heal thousands of people and still does it through His Mighty Name, now that he is no more on earth. His disciples did cast demons in His Name, did heal people in His Name etc. You can also be healed if you believe there is a Power in that Name we call Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All you need is Faith and patience. Remember, that every time that Jesus healed the sick He said they should be done according to their Faith. So if you believe , you would also be done according to your Faith."

Dear brothers and sisters, this is a great testimony which can be helpful for all those who are sick and wish to recover their health. All we need is Faith and nothing more. If our sister had the small cloth and prayer they sent to her and all the preaching without even a small Faith, she would not be healed. Faith is the weapon against the devil. May God bless you all who read this testimony, and please share it with those who need healing.



  1. amazing testimony! I am looking for more Christians like this! It is hard to find true fellowship these days. God bless you-please continue to spread your faith.

    1. thank you!! We do share so that those who don't believe would know that there is only One True God who is able of everything...GOD IS ABLE!!!

  2. Thank you, GOD IS ABLE!!!and HE is the only One True God.Wew share this so that those who do not know Hime yet would see how Glorious and Powerful He is.